Ceramic Apprenticeships & Residencies, David Stelchek

http://www.arrowmont.org/workshops-and-classes/scholarships#studio-assistantships – Gatlinburg, TN

http://gallery.unt.edu/exhibitions/4/4065 – Denton, TX

http://www.csbsju.edu/saint-johns-pottery/programs/apprenticeship-program – Collegeville, MN

http://weberwoodfire.com/ – Bayfield, WI

http://jeffshapiroceramics.com/apprenticeships/ – Accord, NY

http://simonlevin.com/apprentices – Gresham, WI

http://www.gustinceramics.com/sculpture/interns/intern.html – South Dartmouth, MA

http://www.whitefishpottery.com/Apprentice.html – Whitefish, MT

http://www.stonepoolpottery.com/apprentices.html – Worthington, MA

http://eastforkpottery.com/apprenticeships/ – Marshall, NC


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