Micro Grants and Other Opportunities for the Arts.


This grants Deadline has already past but they offer Regular Grants ($100-$10,000) Twice a year in the Spring and the Fall. They also offer many Micro grants under $500 for smaller experimental projects.



The Nasher offers micro grants of $2,000 and is a good resource of emerging Sculpture artists.



For artists working in photography and photo-based art, this Grant is for when you leave college have already began to establish yourself as an artist. (Students are not eligible to apply.) Grants up to $10,000 awarded



“LGBTQI” activism. this Grant for the supporting the intersex community and offers grants ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 per year. If your interested, please check out their page!



NEED SOME FUNDING? Awesome foundation offer $1,000 grants every month! Easy to apply.


Creative Capital helps artists realize specific projects while building their capacity to sustain their careers for the long-term.” that application is closed until 2018, but this is one of those offers you want to be following because it runs in 7 year cycles! Pin this to your calendars and subscribe to their newsletters for your chance to have this kind of professional backing.



This is another long term Grant that is offering to help fund projects of Professional artists. Something to keep in mind for when you make it big!



For artist planning on moving/living in Philadelphia, Delaware or Montgomery counties.

81% of participants reported using $20-$2,000 in personal funds on a monthly basis to sustain their projects



Make an account, put in your details, and this site will find scholarships for you.



And last but not least! If you are going to be applying for any of the grants above then you are going to need to know how to write a Proposal letter!



For those who need more visual aids, here is another “How To” on writing proposals