Artist Talk / Final Package

Artist Talk / Oral Presentation 

The final presentation is a role playing situation where the student presents herself or himself as if in pursuit of a specific career goal.  This will include a slide presentation of their portfolio.  Students will need to make sure that their work is carefully photographed.  A final portfolio of at least 10 original pieces that form a cohesive body of work will be presented during the final presentation.

In order to present a focused presentation, students must choose a very specific goal for the sake of the presentation.  If you have not been able to commit to a specific career goal, you can still make a very focused hypothetical presentation. You can also opt to do a traditional Artist’s Talk.

The presentation must be well-edited.  You are not being graded on the quality of the artwork, but of the quality of the documentation of the artwork and the presentation of the material.  Try to convince the audience that you deserve this particular opportunity.  In addition to your own work, you might discuss your background, your influences, material processes, or why you are a good fit for this opportunity.

Presentations should run 10-15 minutes in length.

Due April 19: Last Name beginning with A – G

Due April 26: Last Name beginning with H – N

Due May 3: Last Name beginning with P – Z


Final Professional Package

Inside a folder (any kind of folder with pockets- it doesn’t have to be fancy), please include final versions of the following:

  1. Cover Letter ( for a hypothetical opportunity- can be for a job, or reaching out to a gallery or publication, etc)
  2. CV
  3. Artist Statement
  4. Bio
  5. 5-10 Printed Images of you work with Image List
  6. Promotional Leave Behind (Postcard or Business Card)

This means you have to PRINT OUT all of these materials.  Keep in mind, 72dpi (low resolution) images are not adequate for printing out.  Use 300 dpi (high resolution) images. Keep the design coherent throughout all the materials.