Some links from our speaker, Alexis Grabowski

Wave Farm, NY:
(have residencies where you work closely with specific artists, sometimes in new technologies, performance)
For Artists working at the intersection of Art, Science and Ecology:
Arctic Circle Residency for artists interested in scientific expeditions
Pioneerworks: NY Studio Residency with access to a 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC machine, drum scanner, dark room, risogrpah, and plotter:
Buildatron 3d-printing residency:

International Sculpture Center Award

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UNT is participating in the 2016 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, and the submission deadline is this Friday, March 11. It’s a great opportunity to get your work featured in Sculpture Magazine and included in an exhibition at Grounds for Sculpture in NJ.  

Visit for all the information.  Keep in mind that we are setting a deadline of March 11 because the faculty needs to review the submissions and can nominate only 3 students from the entire school by the date of March 23.

UNT has set up a Slideroom page where you submit your application



Sculpture/Mixed Media students are required to apply!



Opportunities/Resources, Ayesha Qasim

Dallas Area Fiber Artists,

Textile Society of America,

Surface Design Association,

Dallas Hand Weavers Guild,

Dallas Museum of Art,

Make Art With Purpose,

South Dallas cultural center,

Dallas Face Race,

Sam Francis Foundation,


Big  Thought Dallas,

Heather Cowart – Opportunities

I am currently looking for internships, so here is a list of potential opportunities.



Connor Gillaspia, Opportunities


Flatbed Press


Pan Ector Industries


Zygote Press


Highpoint Center for Printmaking


Printed Threads



Slugfest Prints


Burning Bones


Print Zero Studio


Calliope Arts Studio!membership/c1m1


Full Tilt Print Studio


Matt McGowin Opportunities/ Resources

Call to Artist: Paper Works 2016

Exhibition Opportunities

Click to access aipp_tempo2016_rfp.pdf

Colton White’s opportunities/resources


Artist Oppotunites/ Exhibitions- Sam Sturgis


Julia Moran


ISC Award


For textile design: Opportunities:

SDA Award of Excellence

SDA Outstanding Student Award

SDA Creative Promise Award

Socially engaged Practices Grant

Small Event Grant

Personal Development Grant

SDA Resources: How to

Speaking of Fundraising

Click to access speaking_of_fund_raising.pdf

Grant Writing Demystified

Click to access grant_writing_de-mystified.pdf